Products photography: How our process works?

Efficient and simple:
We keep our process as simple and clean as possible, it is easy to work with us. If this is your nascent experience with photography services, throw your worries in a din! We are here to guide you through all the process and offer our best client advices and services to make sure your product looks top tier.

Parcel your products:

products photographyA word of precaution to our worthy customers! Since we offer long distance services, please be cautious about packing your products securely and send them on our address. We don’t want them to get damaged on way.

How things proceed in our studio:

When the product reaches our studio, we will contact you immediately and let you know about the health of your parcel (product). It is then we start working on your product in accordance to the pre-agreed contract/agreement. We retouch the photos, clean the background and make optimum use of Photoshop. Our photography is incomplete without a Photoshop touch. We believe all the tools on hand must be utilized to deliver a high quality product to our worthy clients. In the process we make sure your quality products are worth posting on sailing networks like eBay and Amazon. We believe in our products and equally believe in you, our customers. We put in all efforts to finally compile smooth, high quality pictures, all worth displaying.


Instant access to your final product:

When the final photos meet our quality standards after processing them, we upload them over Google and email you access link. The cloud storage option gives you an extensive and permanent reach to your photos. Any hour, any place you can access the drive to use your photos. Before shipping your final photo products back, we want you to access them over google drive and confirm the quality, or if needed demand any modification other than the one pre-agreed for additional fee.

Shipping back:

Once your product is ready, we carefully pack it and parcel them over your address.

Packshots Cost : The final price will be determined by the size and type of product. Cost may vary with amount of editing and retouch needed. Photo mainstream without reflection.


20 Packshots Images  60$ per photo
40 Packshots Images  45$ per photo
60 Packshots Images 35$ per photo
80 Packshots Images 25$ per photo
100+ Packshots Images 20$ per photo

Packshots catalog of clothes on a white background:

Packshots Clothing +With our home model Price 
50 Images 1800$ (10 Products / 10 Packshots any fashion Clothing includes retouching)
100 Images  2800$ (30 Products / 5-8 Packshots for any fashion Clothing includes retouching)

Our Packshots Portfolio

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